Cahootify – An Insight To The Latest Platform For Film Creators

In recent years, social media has become the prevalent outlet for opportunist companies to put their name out and build themselves a strong, professional online presence. Cahootify is a new and upcoming online platform for film and media professionals that allows users to create portfolios of their work to sell themselves to the community and become a part of other people’s projects or start their own. Cahootify has taken some useful aspects from other successful social media websites and integrated them onto their own website to make it relevant to their community. Building themselves a strong presence online and broadening their audience as widely as possible is crucial in their growth as a community and can be achieved very effectively.

Having a good online presence is pivotal for any business, no matter the size or intentions. The accessibility that comes with having your own essentially 24/7 open office to users as opposed to usual business hours in an office provides the opportunity for potential customers to research at any time they see fit meaning more attention and coverage for your website. Additionally, this also means your audience itself is even broader as it allows for more visitors than a physical office would do. You can gain visitors from all over the world on your ‘virtual doorstep’ as opposed to people within a 5 kilometer radius of your office. This may not necessarily apply to Cahootify just yet in it’s early stages of life but maintaining a powerful online presence is more than ideal to it’s intended target audience and is very relevant to what the website is intending to do as most of the work and projects on their platform are completed and shared digitally as well as the main way of contacting other users or administrators is done online instead of in person. Another positive feature that comes with a good online presence is the review system. Despite the fact that there’s a possibility of negative comments, whether they be justified or not, as long as the company protrudes a good and fair experience for it’s users then the  free word of mouth promotions that can ricochet around the world wide web will attract more and more traffic to your website and broaden your audience.

Cahootify has a number of search refining options allowing it’s users to optimise results and specify exactly what it is they’re looking to work on or who to work with. The search options include ‘projects with needs’ in addition to ‘people with skills’, meaning users may look for people, projectsand skills as well as more specific options such as the location of results and the extra option to include more keywords. The keywords that will appear will be what other users have tagged either in their profile or on their content, for example to describe their attributes or role within film making such as ‘editor, director of photography or co writer’. Other keywords may be used to help users find types or genres of films like ‘horrors’ or ‘action’ based productions.

As a social media platform, Cahootify has a number of ways in which it can get it’s name out there onto the market and entice more and more people into the community. Because the purpose of the platform is to gather inspiring film makers and media professionals, the likelihood is that the majority of users will be tech-savvy and will already be utilising other social media sites to maximise potential followers and capitalise on different folksonomies on offer from different platforms. To tie in with this, Cahootify has hyperlinks to external social media sites allowing users to connect quickly and easily to their other profiles meaning other users can access additional information about someone’s background work or just simply connect and contact them elsewhere. Another advantage to this expansion of self promotion is the opportunities for staff recruitment opened by the additional links to other websites. Cahootify uses hyperlinks represented by each site’s logo, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn which all provide their own specific and unique advantages in helping boost traffic to your profile as well as providing further information to potential collaborators. Youtube is a very beneficial platform in regards to promoting yourself, your previous work and what you can bring to the table. Sharing content from Youtube is extremely straight forward and accessible on all formats on device and web page and allows users to get an actual view of other users capabilities. Because of the sheer size and dominance of youtube as a video sharing website, views should be easier to come by based on the volume of users, especially in contrast to Cahootify. However, because Cahootify is specific to film makers and is essentially a niche market, the feedback should be better and more relevant to the content because the viewers are watching for a reason as opposed to youtube where everything is more broad and open.

Recently, it’s fair to say Twitter has risen to the forefront of social media as the best and most efficient platform for businesses to create a healthy and professional image for themselves online. Twitter operates using multiple folksonomies that serve many beneficial purposes to it’s users. The biggest of which being hashtags, which were so successful that now the vast majority of well known social media websites have incorporated them, such as Instagram, Facebook and WordPress. Hashtags are a very efficient and easy way to find other people who’re posting about subjects you’re interested in or are posting about yourself, as well as for other people to find your content. As a result of which, this method of self promotion can very quickly and efficiently garner a high amount of traffic to your profile and/or website in a small amount of time for free. This is extremely ideal for websites like Cahootify and other platforms of a similar nature as users can very easily track down people within the community to contact regarding projects, help or anything at all. Furthermore, social media platforms like twitter can be very beneficial for companies of any size. Good customer service and response time can only bode well with the public’s opinion of a business. Despite this, there is one restricting downside of Twitter as a form of social media when referring to promotion. Tweets are limited to 140 characters, meaning users are pushed towards a short and sweet style of content posting. Not necessarily a negative, especially if and when hashtags are used effectively. Twitter is also useful for broadening follower bases and spreading more hype about your platform so to speak. This can be accomplished through celebrity endorsements within twitter itself, or even profiles with big following who you can try to become associated with. Competitions or giveaways are also a very popular and effective technique on twitter for driving traffic towards your profile. For example just a simple, ‘Retweet to enter’ competition should reach a fairly decent amount of users assuming the tweet obtains a couple of retweets to get the ball rolling.

Despite being capable of communicating to other users as well as sharing your own content, I’d deem Cahootify as more of a business or project motivated community than a social network like Instagram or Facebook. As opposed to sharing moments with friends and family, users share their work and propose ideas for projects in the hope of acquiring colleagues to help develop together.


Fury Upsets Klitschko To Win World Heavyweight Belt

Wladimir Klitschko’s long stint as heavyweight boxing champion of the world came to a bitter end last night as Manchester born Tyson Fury took the win by unanimous decision.

The fight was covered by BoxNation last night via PPV subscription and I also covered the action as it happened over on twitter @LiamMediaOnline.

Pre-fight there was a lot of controversy regarding Fury’s antics in build up to fight night. Despite the confusion surrounding the ring’s canvas saga, the fight went ahead as planned with 85% of Betfair’s bets taken on the fight backing Fury the underdog.

The first round didn’t leave the bumper crowd in Germany much to remember, with Fury the first to get any real connection through a jab to the Ukranian’s face. Klitschko unable to stamp any real authority in the early exchanges.

Klitschko then stepped up his game and became a little more aggressive in the second round, landing a blow to Fury’s head as well as a jab to the body. This was prior to Fury landing the first punch of any real significance earlier in the round.

Fury’s early lead carried on into the third and slowly began to snowball with his growing confidence as the fight progressed. By this point in the match, only 3 punches has been landed. 2 to Fury and 1 to Klitschko. Fury adopted a stance whereby his arms were slumped by his side, not particularly the body language of an intimidated man.

Start of the fifth round and Klitschko has a cut which has began bleeding under his eye. Replays confirmed this was due to a clash of heads rather than a punch landed by Fury. Halfway point in the fight at round 6 and questions regarding Klitschko’s age are becoming more significant. Regardless of age, the reigning champion isn’t throwing punches.

Genuinely nothing has happened between round 6 and round 9, where Fury has been struck from Klitschko, the first time Fury has looked in danger at any point in the fight. Wladimir however has failed to capitalise. Into the tenth round now and Fury is starting to open up a slender lead on points. A few glancing body shot are exchanged but nothing more in this poor fight.

The previous ten rounds have meant Klitschko is in dire need of a knockout to stand a stronger chance of winning at this point. Round eleven and twelve were the more entertaining(barely) of the fight as Klitschko went on the aggressive foot. One big right hand has landed on Fury but it’s not enough to cause the Brit any danger.

The judges announce the scores and the Englishman defeats the champion for the first time since 2004. Unanimous decision on points sees the underdog take the belt from the champion.

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Newcastle vs Angers : Alcohol, with @lecabinetnoirblog

As a student, the vast majority of our time is spent either sleeping, procrastinating or drinking instead of studying like we really should be. Myself and Adeline will be looking at which 3 drinks are most popular in our respective home cities on a regular night out. Ladies first.


If you want to have a perfect night out in Angers (West France), you should know what to do and, above all what to drink.

 WINE. As you are in France and in order to keep safe the stereotypes on French people, you should drink some wine for pre drinks or for « l’apéro » as we say. Depends on your tastes it could be either red or white wine, even if white is usually more drink at this time. The good thing about France is that the wine is good and cheap, usually around 3/4£ the bottle for a descent wine. But, and most of the time you’re gonna have wine in a bar while having a cigarette

Whiskey. After few glasses of wine you probably wanna to move on to something stronger. So, surprisingly (because you’re not a 50 years old cigar smoker) whiskey seems to be a great option. As you are a student you don’t have 50£ to spend on a bottle (and you don’t know anything about good whiskey anyway), you’ll probably get a cheap one (around 10/12£) and put Coke and loads of ice cubes in it. Great, cheap and efficient.

Jägermeister. At last, you’ll probably (definitely) gonna have Jägerbombs. Even if it’s quite expensive (around 15/17£ the bottle, without the RedBull) everybody is drinking this (amazing) thing. Made with plants and originally made for stomachache, is the best way to be up all night dancing in clubs. The good thing about it is that you minimize alcohol effects with the energy drink and you’re less hangover — you can thanks the German —. Usually, we are having Jägerbombs either for pre-drinks or in clubs.


Now back to England and the home of Geordie Shore, Newcastle.

Treble Vodka – Without doubt the most common drink on a night out in the majority of UK cities, double vodkas are the go to choice for students whilst out drinking. You’re usually looking at £3 or £2.50 if you’re lucky in most nightclubs here in Leeds, but back home in the glorious Newcastle you can shame yourself on 3 treble vodkas for £5 in a number of different venues. Ideal for quickly pushing yourself over the tipsy limit prior to entering the more expensive clubs or for just ruining your whole weekend whilst out on a ‘quiet one’.

Jager Bombs -Not particularly specific to Newcastle but a very common choice. Similar to trebles for their ability to turn you from being fairly sober into a mortal mess, Jager bombs are usually available on offer of 3 for a fiver or 8 for a tenner if you’re very lucky. The red bull can give you a much needed boost if you’re starting to feel fatigued from the previous 7 drinks but the jager is certainly not your friend.

Newcastle Brown Ale – Very specific to Newcastle. A world famous drink that every Geordie has drank and either loves or feels obliged to pretend they love. Not as cheap or effective for getting drunk fast like the other two options but a classic choice in most social clubs and pubs around the toon. Even if you’ve never tried or heard of Broon(brown) ale, you may’ve heard it referenced in a number of songs or even on American TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory.


Weekend Football Tips 07/11/15

Saturday 7th November – Sunday 8th November 2015

Last weekend was a huge failure for me personally in betting terms as Sheffield Wednesday’s winner late in the second half meant both of my bets were out the window. This week I’ll look to try to build back up on last weeks losses with more European football betting tips.

Leicester City v Watford – Saturday 3pm.

Claudio Ranieri is building himself quite the reputation as a ‘tinkerer’ in what has been a remarkable start to the campaign for the Foxes. Despite a lot of doubt and pessimism surrounding the Italian upon arrival, the former Chelsea boss has silenced a lot of critics with some big results and impressive comebacks. In addition to this, it’s hard to ignore Watford’s start to the season despite being relatively unnoticed. Big wins at notoriously difficult away grounds Newcastle and Stoke have reinforced Watford’s slightly above average home form under new boss Flores. This weekend however I can’t see Leicester getting yet another win despite their phenomenal form. Watford solidarity away from home has impressed me enough to fancy their chances at the KP Stadium.

My Tip – Watford or Draw Double Chance @11/10 with Bet365.

Bayern Munich v VfB Stuttgart – Saturday 2:30pm.

After a disappointing draw on Friday night away to Eintracht Frankfurt, Bayern will be looking to bounce back in style. Their first points dropped all season and their first draw in over 8 months means Pep Guardiola’s side will be looking for harsh vengeance at home to struggling Stuttgart. Stuttgart have conceded the most goals in the Bundesliga this season, and are doomed to say the least when they turn up the Allianz Arena on Saturday afternoon.

My Tip- Bayern to win -2 handicap @4/5 with Bet365.

Norwich City v Swansea City – Saturday 3pm.

Norwich’s form this season hasn’t been particularly promising for the Canaries, despite nearly rescuing a point at league leaders Man City last week. Home losses to relegation rivals West Brom and Leicester in addition to a 6-2 mauling at the hands of the mighty Newcastle haven’t given Norwich fans much to cling onto. Swansea endured an enthralling start to the season but have since dropped off in form, mounting a lot of pressure onto Garry Monk at the helm of the Welsh side. Norwich surely can’t lose at home again, or can they?

My Tip – Norwich Win Or Draw Double Chance @2/5 with Bet365.

£20 Treble returns £105.80 with Bet365 Best Priced At 4.29/1 with Bet365

What Makes A Good Piece Of Online Content?

Tips For Making Your Content Stand Out

The internet is flooded with millions of people posting a wide range of various content every single day. The majority of posts go relatively unnoticed, so what is it that will make your content ‘good’ and stand out from the rest?


The way your article or blog is presented is the first thing your readers will notice and therefore is the most important. The way it is structured and looks on the page can be the difference between the viewer even bothering to read the article.


In order to reach more people and have your content snowball around the internet, it must be easy to share with other people. Having the platform you’re posting to connected to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other media sharing platforms is pivotal for your article to reach more potential viewers.


Make sure your article is likely to relate to the intended target audience as well as being relevant to whats happening right now in the world. For instance, try to avoid outdated reviews of old TV series or reviews of the 2010/11 football season. It’s unlikely to receive much attention.


To really break the mould of generic internet posts, ensure your content is different to everyone else’s who’re writing about the same thing. There are thousands upon thousands talking about the same thing you’re posting online. What makes yours different? Why should I as a viewer read yours and not somebody else’s?
This is a slightly more unheard of but nonetheless very important tip. If you’re referencing something somebody else has said, a video they’ve made or an image they’ve took – credit them. Should your post do well and receive attention online only for someone to point out that some of the content isn’t actually yours, your new found reputation shall be tarnished. Giving credit where it’s due goes a long way.

social media

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Last Weekend’s Bets

Last week I tipped Liverpool as being desperate for a win at home to struggling Villa, at 8/15 they were a steal. They were accompanied by a double chance with Norwich to either beat or draw with West Ham away, landing us a nice £75 profit. My home team Newcastle managed to throw away a 2-0 lead over title holders Chelsea, but thankfully I cashed out in time to retain a cool £90 profit taking last weekends profit to roughly £165.

Weekend Football Tips 03/10/2015


Saturday 3rd October – Sunday 4th October 2015

After last weekend’s successes and midweek’s failures, I will be looking to restore our profit margin this weekend with some value bets from around Europe. Despite a 100% win ratio from the Premier League last Saturday, the English top flight is without doubt the most difficult division in Europe to predict. This weekends fixtures are no different.

Crystal Palace v West Brom – Saturday 12:45pm.

Palace have enjoyed a fantastic start to the season under new boss and former player Alan Pardew, which sees them sitting comfortably near the top of the table with the opportunity to go into second place after 8 games. Having said that, West Brom are a tougher opponent than their position in the table suggests. Away wins at Stoke and rivals Aston Villa are no easy feat, accompanied by a goalless draw to Southampton at home show the Baggies are no pushovers. I don’t think this will be as easy a win for Palace as most will anticipate and I’m perhaps leaning towards a draw.

My Tip – West Brom/Draw Double chance @11/10

Sampdoria v Inter Milan – Sunday 2pm.

Inter’s resurgence in the 2015/16 campaign came to a resounding halt last weekend at the hands of league leaders Fiorentina, a 4-1 home defeat which will have shook former City boss Roberto Mancini. Sampdoria however have endured a mixed beginning to the season, with wins at home to Roma and Bologna as well as a well earned point away to Napoli. Inter have claimed laughing rights in the Milan derby already this year, as well as back to back to back 1-0 victories before the slump to Fiorentina. Neither side have failed to score all season, with Sampdoria’s streak stretching back as far as May in their 1-0 loss at home to Lazio.

My Tip – Both Teams To Score – Yes @10/11

£20 Double returns £80 Best priced @3/1 with 888Sport.

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